The Language

I don't 'believe' in Astrology but experience it as a language which I master and continue to refine. The foundation of the language; the Interpretation of the Archetypes, the philosophical concept of Reincarnation and manifestation of consciousness. The alphabet consisting of the lights; Sun, Moon and the Planets 'colored' by the different constellations.

The Birth Chart

The birth chart is a unique blueprint to understand the positive and more challenging qualities of the personality. This blueprint changes over time in the time-space fabric. Enlightened beings such as Jesus, Budha, Lao Tzu, Krishna, Mohamed, all transcended their Birth Chart. So can you. Astrology can reveal your unique talents and help evolve your hidden potential.

For your Mindset: the only original Powers of Ten™ created by Charles and Ray Eames in 1977 for IBM™:

  • is THE language of Nature. The manifestation of Archetypes in our collective & personal ,
  • shows quality&timing of , the 〰 of infinite possibilities, in space-time When you👀this, that's were you are, in s-t,
  • Yr birth chart shows Karma & Soul purpose in THIS life More insight can help to evolve faster ,