About me

Karnak, Egypt 2006

Welcome to my site! I AM Zamira Endt, a Dutch native (The Hague, The Netherlands, March 18, 1957, 02:30 CET-1). I work as Astrologer in the Classic Ancient Western tradition using very modern tools. Currently 66 years young and I have studied Astrology for more than 40 years. My exemplary Astrologers are Robert Hand, Noel Tyl, Ted Mann, Bernadette Brady, Georgia Stathis, Richard Tarnass, Jeff Jawer, Rick Levine, William Lilly, Dane Rudhyar and many others. I learned via Books, Workshops, Lectures and Seminars. In other words I am a self taught Astrologer. The Dutch Astrologer I have learned a lot from was Roland Hepp BA Ph.D.

I live in I AM sterdam, The Netherlands

I come from a family of Magic and Music. My father was (1911-1990) an Egyptian Magician named ‘Gali-Gali‘. Brother of the more famous Maghoub, of at least nine generations of stage Magicians. He left when I was a baby. I have a one year younger sister and, as far as I know, thirteen half brothers and sisters spread around the globe.

Ahmed M. Hanafi

My grandfather Hendrik Endt (1902-1952) was a Classical Pianist (as was my grandmother). He accompanied violinist and conductor Sir Yehudi Menuhin for some years (1938-1941). I am proud to be named after his first daughter. 

Hendrik Endt

I believe ‘we choose’ where and when we are born (or manifest in consciousness) to evolve and learn the lessons we ‘want’ to learn. I became my own father after falling in love with an eighteen years older men at the age of sixteen. The classical ‘father complex’. My mother Amy Endt (1930-2015) wished to become a Jazz Pianist but, due to the post-war malaise years and lack of support, instead became a creative writer and visionary. Unfortunately in 2007 she was diagnosed with Alzheimer and slowly became my daughter. Well, just one of ‘the roles we play’ in the context of we are both student and teacher. She passed away in 2015 or better transformed to a higher level of consciousness.  My Moon (mother) in Libra is conjunct (near) Neptune in Scorpio and this was one of the manifestations of this energy. More positive; it gives me a degree of clairvoyance and my intention is to relocate closer to Nature soon.

My education started at the Spinoza Lyceum. Atheneum-A, Pre-University. Advised was Gymnasium but at that time (twelve years old) I had no idea what I wanted to study and didn’t fancy Greek and Latin (would have been handy for Astrology). As well as this education I was employed (single parent family), at a Publishing Company, Sales & Marketing. In 1983 I noticed a picture in a Newspaper of a Personal Computer and I was mesmerized. A few months later I was one of the first, in The Netherlands, to be employed at a Personal Computer Business. I demonstrated the usage, applications and advantages of the first Personal Computers; Apple II, Lisa, Macintosh, the IBM PC/XT/AT, Hewlett Packard HP-150 with Touchscreen :-) and HP Vectra, Compaq Portable and Deskpro, Digital, Data General, Nixdorf and Olivetti.

I was mainly self taught and passionate to demonstrate around eighty Software Applications and Operating Systems. To name a few (some of you reading this will have no idea what I am talking about, but this is IT History). From DOS, Basic, Wordstar, AutoCad, Multiplan, Lotus 123, Dbase, Oracle, SPSS to Mac Paint and the first ever Graphical Interface on Apple Lisa. I explained ‘the cursor’ at displays :-) and how a Spreadsheet or Database worked. My audience ranged from Professors at Universities to CEO’s and Students to Artists. I installed the first LAN’s, communications with Tymnet (Pre-Internet), replaced Harddrives and plugged in Memory and Co-Processors. It was a very interesting and fulfilling period of my life and my start of an International Sales & Marketing career of more then 25 years in Information Technology. From System Integrators to IBM, AT&T/Unisource and Novell (Open Source-Suse Linux). During the same time I studied Astrology. The ICT Career provided me with the resources, including the best available Astrological and Statistical Software and International traveling among others. Uranus rules Innovation, Technology and Astrology but that’s an other story. 

In my twenties I was convinced that Astrology was NOT meant to make money. So, I did not. I considered it as a ‘Sacred’ Language and Mathematical Discipline but I did and used it to help and coach many people. In the past Astrologers/Astronomers (also named Chaldeans) were part of the King’s circle of ‘wise men’. In case ‘a King or Queen’ is reading this, I will be honored :-) Recently I decided that for my remaining lifetime I will be “the best possible Astrologer I can be” (Noel Tyl quote, I think). The fact is the world today needs genuine, astute Astrologers and definite many ‘wise women’. Yes, very modest :-) The Astrological Association of Great Britain is the oldest Professional Astrologers organization in Europe. One of the first lectures I attended at a AAGB Conference was titled ‘Do you really want to become famous?’ I gave it a good thought then and the short answer was and is, ‘No’. Fame is the Ego talking. It’s about credits from others and it has nothing to do with being your own point of reference, your own source of happiness. However, most important, my aim is to give you more insight into your unique Potential. Please take a look at About you