Astrology & Consciousness

What you THINK is what you GET 

Your birth chart shows your potential and conditioning. You manifest what you think about yourself, others, your world; free will. You Co-Create your Reality within this blueprint. The ‘Secret’ and other New Age movements claim ONLY what you think will manifest. Deepak Chopra, he truly teaches the Nature of our true being and helps to raise awareness about consciousness and the nature of reality. He has a very interesting chart. Guru, wounded Healer Archetype but is still ‘predictable’. Not what he will manifest or do exactly, (infinite possibilities within the blueprint) but the theme, ‘color’ and timing you can see. When you meditate you touch and effect, in a positive way, the source of your being: consciousness. The more aware you become, the less you will live according to your chart and conditioning. All charts have potential but there are small and big drops in the ocean. Some will create waves and other even Tsunamis. Some will just BE and others will manifest pure Evil. The projection of our/your shadow.

Most of us don’t spend our life meditating 24 hours. Well, some Yogis and other more enlightened humans do. They are already at a higher level of consciousness. Eventually we will all ‘get there’. Impeccable thought, and that’s a real challenge, helps to transcend your conditioning. It’s more then ‘positive thinking’. It’s about the intention. Astrology; the birth chart, Transits (Cycles) of the Planets and more, tells the timing and quality of manifestation.  Already for more than 5000 years, as far as we know from Ancient writings and Archaeological discoveries, Astrology is in our collective consciousness . One day Material Sciences will understand it’s significance within the manifestation of our reality.

The Birth Chart of Steve Jobs, in one of the available designs I hand out (preferably mail you) at a Consultation. He used his full potential and.. meditated.