Astrological Techniques

Below you will find some examples of the techniques I use. The Mathematical foundation of my interpretations. I use state of the art Software Solar Fire™ v.8 and Solar Maps™ v.4 by Esoteric Technologies™. On my Apple iPhone™ 4 I use the Apps Astro Gold™ of Esoteric Technologies™ and the iPhemeris™ App by Clifford Ribaudo. These high quality Apps give me the possibility to calculate charts anytime, anywhere without carrying an Ephemeris. I use Koch House System as well as Whole Signs Houses.

Example of Albert Einstein‘s chart of birth. His Solar Return for 1922: he was awarded the Nobel Prize for Physics for the year 1921 on November 9, 1922. The 3th picture is his natal chart projected on the World map. You can’t ‘escape’ your birth chart but on certain ‘crossroads’ qualities of your chart are being emphasized. The 4th picture is called ‘Geocentric Declinations’ and gives a wealth of information from an other perspective. The last is a three-wheel. Natal chart, Progressed chart (gives insight into the more subtle realm of the subconscious at a certain time) and Transits, in this case, of his time of death. I use many other techniques and these examples are just meant to give you an impression. Source:

Einstein Natal
Einstein Return 1922
Einstein world map
Einstein declination
Einstein 3wheel