The origin

The origin of Astronomy and Astrology, the establishment of Classic Western Astrology can be partial found in Egypt. Egypt and Babylon were under Assyrian regime 730-650 BCE and ruled by the Persians 539 BCE. Picture of Dendera Zodiac dated 50 BCE, found in Temple at Dendera, Egypt. Displayed at Musée du Louvre Paris, France.

Oldest Zodiac from Dendera Temple, Egypt dated 50 BC

In India Vedic or Jyotish Astrology is part of the Hindu tradition dated approx. 200 BCE. In China Astrological records are dated approx. 206 BCE; the Han Dynasty. The fourth Astrological wisdom tradition is the Mesoamerican found in Mexico, Guatemala and Honduras. Cornerstone is the Mayan Calendar or Long Count dated 3114 BCE. All are different languages or sets of principles compared to Western Astrology. Below a picture of the Hieroglyphs at Temple Medinat Habu containing cosmic code and principles.