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The ‘snapshot in space-time fabric’ or manifestation of Archetypes in consciousness as.. you and your reality. This is for many people very hard to grasp. I am writing this because most of us have absolutely no idea what reality is and how powerful they are and can be to co-create a better one. 

I highly regard the evolution of classic material Sciences. It manifested all of our modern comforts. Technology, Astrophysics, Nanotechnology, Molecular Biology, Material Sciences and many other disciplines at one level.

At the Large Hadron Collider CERN (Geneva, Switzerland), Physicists are measuring, monitoring and analyzing particles at the subatomic level. At the Planck Scale, the smallest scale that physical theory recognizes, up to 10ˉ¹⁵ (DNA is at scale 10ˉ⁸). I have followed CERN  from the start due to my ICT history. CERN uses for their Research the latest cutting edge Hard- and Software.

Your computer, iPhone/iPad, your cellular, TV set are ALL about zero’s and one’s, on/off switching, as is consciousness. It’s absolutely fascinating what they are trying to ‘find’. However the ‘problem’ is they research what already has been manifested. The Scientists themselves are ‘collapsing the wave function’. They look at ‘light’. The answer is literally in the dark. ‘Black and not matter’. Physicists do understand this and proclaim only 3 or 4% currently is understood.

The Dutch Physicist Prof. Dr. Robbert Dijkgraaf (currently at Institute for Advanced Study in Princeton) answered THE question of presenter Matthijs van Nieuwkerk at the Dutch TV-show ‘The smallest/Het allerkleinste’: “What do you think the other 97% could be?” with literally: “oh, nothing”. This ‘nothingness’, in my humble opinion, will be loaded with information and NOT at the level of particles. At the level of Quantum reality and beyond, the ALL were space-time does not exists and all Religions refer to one way or the other.

In the years to come I am convinced Science will make a Quantum Leap and will discover the realm of consciousness. The future is the ‘Science of Consciousness’ and Astrology is already an integral element. Before there was any Science there was Astrology. It’s more then 5000 years in our collective consciousness. Plato, Jung, Freud many others acknowledged this. (Carl Gustav Jung by ‘inventing’ the sub-consciousness. Psychology, Psychiatry is subject for another post).

Astrology shows the quality and timing of consciousness, the ‘waves of infinite possibilities’ in space-time. When you read this, that is were you are :-), in space-time.

Last February 14 CERN announced the close down of the LHC for maintenance and at least two years. (Saturn=Science in Scorpio stationed Retrograde=not moving direct, February 18. The first phase of physical shutdown will probably have taken place then). Quote from BBC Science News website*:”The shut-down is due to conclude in late November 2014 after which the system will be put through its paces and experiments are expected to resume in February or March 2015”. Astrological a perfect timing: the last ‘hit’ of the Uranus in Aries (Technology) square Pluto in Capricorn (a Higgs boson is very Plutonian :-) by the end of March 17, 2015. I assure you it will be March or even April. Smaller Planets, Sun, Moon trigger the manifestation.*Source BBC February 19, 2013:

When you truly want to understand more of this, I advice you, as a starting point, to watch the movie ‘What the Bleep!? – Down the Rabbit hole’Look at Dr. Fred Alan Wolf PhD , Theoretical Physicist site: Fred Alan Wolf , Prof. Dr. William A. Tiller PhD website: William A. Tiller Foundation, CERN’s website: at CERN, the Max Planck Institute: Planck Institute

Quote with permission Prof. Dr. Bill Tiller: “Dear Zamira, For me, astrology is very meaningful even though the distance-time reference frame (RF) for the various planets is used in the actual calculations (where physical force interactions via gravity are negligible). However, in what I call a duplex space RF where the two subspaces are reciprocals of each other and one of them is distance-time, the reciprocal subspace (a 4-dimensional set of frequency coordinates) is very appropriate for such calculations. I always thought I might get around to such calculations one day. Best wishes, Bill Tiller”

Are you still reading? Consider scheduling a Consultation with me. You will be amazed what Astrology can show you (past, present and future) and how it can help to improve your life. I have advised people from CEO level to students for many years. My mission is to make people more aware, help transcend their pain and/or suffering and help them to co-create a more fulfilling life for themselves and our beautiful Planet. Robert Hand quote: “There is Astrology and there is the Astrologer”.


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